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meet iQ

We're harnessing the accountability of digital analytics and bringing it to television for brands and broadcasters. iQ media analytics suites overlay the data that is most important to you-from social to financials, or website to foot traffic-and directly sync it to the exact moments your brand is seen or heard on every screen your audience is engaged on.

So go ahead, track everything.

public relations

Our living archive of television content helps PR professionals keep executives and spokespeople on message and prepared for media engagement.


iQ media equips marketers with the integrated media analytics they need to optimize cross-channel marketing efforts, from television to social & beyond.


We bring the same rich analytics experience from online and social to how you plan and analyze paid media on television – so you can bring accountability to every media buy.


Whether you’re strategizing for a product launch or tapping into industry trends, iQ media gives communications pros a snapshot of exactly what is going on around them in real time.

we have
the results
you need

master your
media content

iQ media engages every marketer with better data, deeper analysis and a richer experience in paid, earned, shared & owned media analytics across television, online, social & first party data sources.


Keep track of when and how your paid media appears on television, the conversations that happened on social, website traffic and shifts in sales metrics—all served directly alongside highly synchronized, real-time data.


We don't believe that "all publicity is good publicity." During calm or crisis, iQ media helps communicators prepare leadership to stay on message with access to unprecedented historical data.


Get the customer feedback you need before launching a new product or entering a new market. We track feedback on you or your competitor’s recent marketing activity in near real-time, from influencers on social media to interviews on TV.


Marketing can't be a silo anymore. iQ media data suites help you make meaningful correlations between the campaigns you manage and what happens when they get picked up on TV and online.